Darkest Dungeon Curios
Darkest Dungeon Curios
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Yes Curios

Explore Darkest Dungeon curios. Curios can be sorted and filtered by category, tag, location, blight/bleed, whether you should loot, and what to cleanse with. Click on a curio to learn more.
Cleanse With
May Cause Blight or Bleed?
Should I Loot?
Alchemy Table
Barnacle Crusted Chest
Damned Fountain
Decorative Urn
Dinner Cart
Fish Carcass
Forgotten Delicacies
Giant Oyster
Heirloom Chest
Left Luggage
Locked Display Cabinet
Locked Sarcophagus
Locked Strongbox
Makeshift Dining Table
Moonshine Barrel
Mummified Remains
Old Tree
Pile of Strange Bones
Rack of Blades
Shallow Grave
Thronging Hive
Troubling Effigy
Unlocked Strongbox
Wine Crate