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My lofty position... My lofty position wasn't always accompanied by the fear of office, and there was a time I could walk the streets or raise a glass in the tavern without concern for molestation. Faithful as the tide, one precocious village waif made it her hobby to shadow my every errand. It was charming then, troublesome later.
In financial desperation,... In financial desperation, I struck a bargain with the ancient things that surfaced in search of sacrifice when the moon was right. Their price was the delivery of an obscure idol and one other item of more troubling portent. The pact struck, my newfound accomplices slipped silently beneath the brackish water. A fearful stirring at the edge of the torchlight betrayed a familiar witness, and gifted me with malign inspiration.
Prying eyes had... Prying eyes had become a nuisance along the Old Road, and so I undertook to receive my most curious deliveries by way of marine shipments. A sheltered jetty was accessible by a narrow stone stair off the back of the manor, and a discreet system of pulleys could hoist even the heaviest prizes up the rock face from a securely tied dinghy below.
I employed a... I employed a crew of particularly unsavory mariners, who, for a time, sailed the four corners at my behest - retrieving many valuable artifacts, relics and rare texts. Predictably, they increased their tariffs to counter my intense stipulations of secrecy. Such resources had long been exhausted, of course, and so I prepared an... alternative payment.
While the greedy... While the greedy dogs slept off their revelry, I hexed their anchor with every twisted incantation I could muster - imbuing it with the weight of my ambition, and my contempt for their crude extortion. At the witching hour, the anchor pulled with preternatural force, dragging craft and crew down into the depths. They must have cried out, but no sound escaped the swirling black waters...
Despite its morbid... Despite its morbid aspect, this twisted, cavernous maze seems almost traversable.
We will find... We will find all manner of great and terrible things in this watery tomb...
The pungent odour... The pungent odour abates! The things are driven back, for a time.
At last, wholesome... At last, wholesome marine life can flourish - if indeed there is such a thing.
Hideous matriarch, vile... Hideous matriarch, vile queen of the aphotic depths - she has no place in the sane world!
Seafaring trade, the... Seafaring trade, the lifeblood of any port, can resume again now that the routes are safe.
Finally, a sailor's... Finally, a sailor's death for captain and crew. Fitting.
They are cursed... They are cursed to float forever, deep in the swirling blackness, far beyond the light's reach.