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How quickly the... How quickly the tide turns!
Mortality clarified in... Mortality clarified in a single strike!
Grievous injury, palpable... Grievous injury, palpable fear...
Such a terrible... Such a terrible assault cannot be left unanswered!
Death waits for... Death waits for the slightest lapse in concentration.
Exposed to a... Exposed to a killing blow!
Ringing ears, blurred... Ringing ears, blurred vision - the end approaches...
Dazed, reeling, about... Dazed, reeling, about to break...
Unnerved, unbalanced...... Unnerved, unbalanced...
A dizzying blow... A dizzying blow to body and brain!
Weakened!... Weakened!
Diminished!... Diminished!
The will to... The will to fight falters!
Confusion, nerves, and... Confusion, nerves, and panic!
The blood quickens!... The blood quickens!
A brilliant confluence... A brilliant confluence of skill and purpose!
A time to... A time to perform beyond one's limits!
Inspiration and improvement!... Inspiration and improvement!
Perched at the... Perched at the very precipice of oblivion...
A hand-breadth from... A hand-breadth from becoming unwound...
Teetering on the... Teetering on the brink, facing the abyss...
And now the... And now the true test... hold fast, or expire?
As life ebbs,... As life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness reveal themselves.
Survival is a... Survival is a tenuous proposition in this sprawling tomb.
More blood soaks... More blood soaks the soil, feeding the evil therein.
Another life wasted... Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold.
This is no... This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.
This is no... This is no place for the weak, or foolhardy.
More dust, more... More dust, more ashes, more disappointment.
These nightmarish creatures... These nightmarish creatures can be felled! They can be beaten!
Seize this momentum!... Seize this momentum! Push on to the task's end!
This expedition, at... This expedition, at least, promises success.
As victories mount,... As victories mount, so too will resistance.
Success so clearly... Success so clearly in view... or is it merely a trick of the light?
Remind yourself that... Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
A trifling victory,... A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless.
Be wary -... Be wary - triumphant pride precipitates a dizzying fall...
Ghoulish horrors -... Ghoulish horrors - brought low and driven into the mud!
Impressive haul! If... Impressive haul! If you value such things.
Ornaments neatly ordered,... Ornaments neatly ordered, lovingly admired.
Such a burden... Such a burden of finery risks life and limb.
A full pack... A full pack often attracts unwanted attention.
True desperation is... True desperation is known only when escape is impossible.
Cornered! Trapped! And... Cornered! Trapped! And forced to fight on...
No chance for... No chance for egress - will this be a massacre?
This skirmish may... This skirmish may be lost, but the battle may yet be won.
A wise general... A wise general cuts losses, and regroups.
The sin is... The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it.
Injury and despondence... Injury and despondence set the stage for heroism... or cowardice.