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Succeeding an expedition Quotes

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The shifted corridors... The shifted corridors and sloped vaults of our ancestry are beginning to feel familiar.
The great Ruins... The great Ruins belong to us, and we will find whatever secrets they hold.
More bones returned... More bones returned to rest. Devils remanded to their abyss.
Room by room,... Room by room, hall by hall, we reclaim what is ours.
This day belongs... This day belongs to the Light!
Beacons in the... Beacons in the darkness, stars in the emptiness of the void.
Tokens of hope,... Tokens of hope, recovered from the encroaching dark.
The Abbot will... The Abbot will be grateful - the trappings of his faith have been restored.
Did he foresee... Did he foresee his own demise? I care not, so long as he remains dead.
In life, his... In life, his claims to precognition were dubious at best, in death, they are ridiculous.
Even reanimated bones... Even reanimated bones can fall; even the dead can die again.
With no living... With no living sinew to actuate them, will these walking bones finally fail?
Every cleared path... Every cleared path and charted route reduces the isolation of our troubled estate.
Paths and roads... Paths and roads bring soldiers and supplies, let them arrive unharried!
Driving out corruption... Driving out corruption is an endless battle, but one that must be fought.
The agents of... The agents of pestilence will yet be driven from our woods!
Good fortune and... Good fortune and hard work may yet arrest this plague.
Disinfection, at last.... Disinfection, at last.
These medicines will... These medicines will prevent the outbreak of epidemic at our struggling Hamlet.
These tonics and... These tonics and herbs will stave off infection and neutralize contagion.
The wood is... The wood is still poisoned. The way is still blocked. But less people will be eaten.
Leave her corpse... Leave her corpse to rot, consumed by the spores she spawned.
A corpse of... A corpse of twisted metal and splintered wood - at home amongst the headstones.
The Brigands are... The Brigands are undone - our family crest is once again a symbol of strength!
The swinefolk's labyrinth... The swinefolk's labyrinth may yet prove to be navigable.
The twisting tunnels... The twisting tunnels seem a little less ...impossible.
Some experiments should... Some experiments should have never happened. You are doing just work, ending them.
Their squeals fade,... Their squeals fade, their confidence is shaken!
Ha ha ha!... Ha ha ha! Let those dirty beasts worship the mud now!
Robbed of their... Robbed of their writings, the Swine will grow ever more ignorant - if such a thing were possible.
These foodstuffs yield... These foodstuffs yield double benefit: the town may eat, and the Swine will not.
Our supplies are... Our supplies are replenished, the soldiers will feast tonight.
It is as... It is as grotesque in death as it was in life...
Its destruction is... Its destruction is a small consolation, given the implications of its terrible existence.
How many rats... How many rats will it take to gnaw through a tonne of putrid flesh?
The thing is... The thing is even more horrible in death. Liquefaction cannot come soon enough.
Despite its morbid... Despite its morbid aspect, this twisted, cavernous maze seems almost traversable.
We will find... We will find all manner of great and terrible things in this watery tomb...
The pungent odour... The pungent odour abates! The things are driven back, for a time.
At last, wholesome... At last, wholesome marine life can flourish - if indeed there is such a thing.
Hideous matriarch, vile... Hideous matriarch, vile queen of the aphotic depths - she has no place in the sane world!
Seafaring trade, the... Seafaring trade, the lifeblood of any port, can resume again now that the routes are safe.
Finally, a sailor's... Finally, a sailor's death for captain and crew. Fitting.
They are cursed... They are cursed to float forever, deep in the swirling blackness, far beyond the light's reach.