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Warrens Quotes

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The ways and... The ways and rituals of blood sacrifice are difficult to master. Those from beyond require a physical vessel if they are to make the crossing into our reality. The timing of the chants is imperative - without the proper utterances at precise intervals, the process can fail spectacularly.
My first attempts... My first attempts at summoning were crude and the results, disappointing. I soon found however, that the type and condition of the host's meat was a critical factor. The best results came from pigs, whose flesh is most like that of man.
The Great Thing... The Great Thing I had managed to bring through was brutish and stupid. Moreover, it required prodigious amounts of meat to sustain itself, but this was only a trifling concern – after all, I had a village full of it.
My zeal for... My zeal for blood rituals and summoning rites had begun to ebb as each attempt invariably brought only failure, and disappointment. Progress was halting, and the rapidly accumulating surplus of wasted flesh had become... burdensome.
I could not... I could not store such a prodigious amount of offal, nor could I rid myself of it easily, possessed as was by unnameable things from outer spheres. When excavations beneath the Manor broke through into an ancient network of aqueducts and tunnels, I knew I had found a solution to the problem of disposal.
The spasmodically squirming,... The spasmodically squirming, braying, and snorting half-corpses were heaped each upon the other until at last I was rid of them. The Warrens became a landfill of snout and hoof, gristle and bone – a mountainous, twitching mass of misshapen flesh fusing itself together in the darkness.
The swinefolk's labyrinth... The swinefolk's labyrinth may yet prove to be navigable.
The twisting tunnels... The twisting tunnels seem a little less ...impossible.
Some experiments should... Some experiments should have never happened. You are doing just work, ending them.
Their squeals fade,... Their squeals fade, their confidence is shaken!
Ha ha ha!... Ha ha ha! Let those dirty beasts worship the mud now!
Robbed of their... Robbed of their writings, the Swine will grow ever more ignorant - if such a thing were possible.
These foodstuffs yield... These foodstuffs yield double benefit: the town may eat, and the Swine will not.
Our supplies are... Our supplies are replenished, the soldiers will feast tonight.
It is as... It is as grotesque in death as it was in life...
Its destruction is... Its destruction is a small consolation, given the implications of its terrible existence.
How many rats... How many rats will it take to gnaw through a tonne of putrid flesh?
The thing is... The thing is even more horrible in death. Liquefaction cannot come soon enough.