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Weald Quotes

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I had collected... I had collected many rare and elusive volumes on ancient herbal properties, and was set to enjoy several weeks immersed in comfortable study. My work was interrupted, however, by a singularly striking young woman who insisted on repeated calls to the house.
Her knowledge of... Her knowledge of horticulturalism, and its role in various arcane practices impressed me greatly. My licentious impulse gave way to a genuine, professional respect, and together, we began to plant, harvest, and brew.
As time wore... As time wore on, her wild policy of self-experimentation grew intolerable. She quaffed all manner of strange fungii, herbs and concoctions, intent on gaining some insight into the horror we both knew to be growing beneath us. The change in her was appalling, and, no longer able to stomach it, I sent her to live in the Weald, where her wildness would be welcomed.
Simple folk are... Simple folk are by their nature loquacious, and the denizens of the Hamlet were no exception. It was not long before rumors of my morbid genius and secretive excavations began to fuel local legend. In the face of my increasingly egregious flaunting of public taboos, awe turned to ire, and demonstrations were held in the town square.
The wild whispers... The wild whispers of heresy roused the rabble to violent action. Such was the general air of rebellion that even my generous offer of gold to the local constabulary was rebuffed! To reassert my rule, I sought out unscrupulous men skilled in the application of force. Tight-lipped and terrifying, these mercenaries brought with them a war machine of terrible implication.
Eager to end... Eager to end the tiresome domestic distraction, I instructed my newly formed militia of hardened bandits, brigands and killers to go forth and do their work. Compliance and order were restored, and the noisome population of the Hamlet was culled to more... manageable numbers.
Every cleared path... Every cleared path and charted route reduces the isolation of our troubled estate.
Paths and roads... Paths and roads bring soldiers and supplies, let them arrive unharried!
Driving out corruption... Driving out corruption is an endless battle, but one that must be fought.
The agents of... The agents of pestilence will yet be driven from our woods!
Good fortune and... Good fortune and hard work may yet arrest this plague.
Disinfection, at last.... Disinfection, at last.
These medicines will... These medicines will prevent the outbreak of epidemic at our struggling Hamlet.
These tonics and... These tonics and herbs will stave off infection and neutralize contagion.
The wood is... The wood is still poisoned. The way is still blocked. But less people will be eaten.
Leave her corpse... Leave her corpse to rot, consumed by the spores she spawned.
A corpse of... A corpse of twisted metal and splintered wood - at home amongst the headstones.
The Brigands are... The Brigands are undone - our family crest is once again a symbol of strength!